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Meraki (adj): To do something with soul, creativity, joy or love, leaving a piece of
yourself in what you are doing.

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What We Do

We are proudly independent and unashamedly customer centric. We are retailers who have taken the step into consultancy and now help other retailers deliver exceptional customer experiences across the full customer journey.
Our multifaceted strategic approach takes into account your specific business needs and challenges and delivers a tailored recommendation to drive both profitability and productivity. Your success as our success.

Digital Strategy


Setting your vision and your digital strategy is the critical first step for any business. We'll help translate this into action and results.

Platform Selection

platform selection

Unashamedly independent, we will be your champion and help you select the right platform for your business and budget. Even better, we won't break the bank.


Workshop facilitation

Hack days, team off-sites, strategy days, executive coaching, prioritisation and roadmapping sessions. Workshops, post it notes and sharpies are our jam.



Experience counts when it comes to replatforming. We will help you manage your digital project, your team and suppliers to deliver on time and on budget.


optimisation & research

Remove opinions and let the customer shape your roadmap. Drive increased revenue through regular customer research, testing and experimentation.


mentoring & coaching

Stop looking for a unicorn and start investing in your current team. Up-skilling will increase staff engagement and decrease your recruitment costs.

Digital Done Differently.

Meraki Digital was founded by Nicola Clement, who has over 18 years experience in digital and eCommerce both locally and internationally. She has worked for some of the biggest brands in Australia and New Zealand such as Jetstar, Smiggle, Kathmandu, Forever New, Quiksilver and Telstra - and gets results!

We won't slow you down with a lot of lengthy technical and process documentation; we'll ensure you understand the "what"​ and the "why"​ and then we'll teach you and your team the "how"​.

We won't just keep on clipping the ticket month after month; we'll help you hire, mentor and coach your team so they grow within your business and get joy from kicking their own goals.

Latest Articles

Careers: Unfiltered - Follow Your Horizon

January 22, 2019

A couple of clients have commented at how some careers appear perfectly planned out and asked how I did it. The truth? It was far from perfectly planned and believe me there have been some tough times, a fair few tears and a number of sacrifices to get to where I am today; but there’s nowhere for that context on Linkedin…

Introducing Digital Thursdays

January 11, 2019

I'd like to introduce you to Digital Thursdays. A group and regular Meetup for aspiring digital leaders and industry veterans to come together, learn, listen to guest speakers and have a drink or two on me...

An Introduction to Machine Learning

August 24, 2018

Machine Learning and AI might be the latest buzzwords on the block, but that doesn't mean the technology is new. In fact, my biggest learning was we have been working with these tools for much longer than I thought...

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